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Dan Tousignant

Dan Tousignant is a habitual entrepreneur who has launched several businesses including project management consulting and training, and more recently, online affiliate businesses. Both as an employee and consultant, Dan has over 20 years of business management experience. He has managed software and web development projects for several Fortune® 500 companies with annual project budgets of over 10 million dollars. His experience in SEO and internet marketing first began in 1996 when Dan took his first HTML class and developed his first commercial website.

One of the most effective services that Dan has offered over the years is the development and delivery of project management processes and tools. Dan’s role has been to simplify the complex processes used to manage large projects into step-by-step procedures in order to train project managers and to increase the opportunity for project success. As you will see, it is just this skill that Dan has brought to the creation of this guide.

Pam Gobiel

Pam Gobiel was introduced to internet marketing through a completely different path. Until 2002, Pam was a senior executive assistant for one of the largest investment firms in the country.  Due to health reasons, she became homebound. Given her inclination as a high-performer and her desire to be part of a professional community, Pam began designing and developing products for one of the most successful online drop-ship vendors. Doing this allowed her to run an international business, yet never have to leave her home or computer.

Pam has always been comfortable with computers and learning new tools. As a web-based entrepreneur, she exploited those skills and became an expert in internet marketing and SEO. In the past five years, Pam has evolved from having a fun online hobby to having a six-figure income. As a result, her husband made the decision to close his construction company and work with her from home.  It has also given them the freedom to buy an RV to travel, visit friends, and meet Pam's online acquaintances with whom she has built relationships over the years.

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