The SEO Manifesto   


The SEO Checklist

Step-by-Step Approach to Increase your SEO

In The SEO Manifesto we provide a methodical approach to increasing your SEO. This approach includes designing a search engine friendly site, performing the steps needed to increase traffic, and ensuring you are properly managing your site so you can maintain and increase your SEO over time.

You can access a complete electronic version of the Checklist  at our online Appendix.

The steps included in the Checklist cover the following phases:

Prepare: Explains how to develop an Internet marketing plan.

Launch: Walks you through how to get your Web site launched.

Optimize: Explains how to design or modify your site to be optimized for search engines.

Submit: describes how to take advantage of different tools to ensure your visibility on the Internet

Network: Teaches you how to attract customers through social and business networking.

Advertise: Addresses the free and paid options for advertising your online business.

Track: Defines and prioritizes the information you need in order to monitor and manage your online business.

Maintain: Identifies the processes and tools needed to maintain and grow your Internet presence.

 For more information on the details for each of these phases, please refer to The SEO Manifesto.


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