Chapter 1: Getting Started

The SEO Manifesto

Who should read this Guide?

Using this guide

What is…?

What is SEO?

Why is SEO important to you?

Who are the authors?

Why the SEO Manifesto?

What do we mean by ethical?

How quickly will I see the results?

On which Search Engine should I focus?

What do these terms mean?

Chapter 2: Prepare

Preparation Phase Checklist

Preparation Phase Description

Identify a Product or Service

Target an Audience

Research Market and Competitors

Define ROI


Chapter 3: Launch

Launch Phase Checklist

Launch Phase Description

Select Domain Name

Select Hosting Company


Create Website

Chapter 4: Optimize

Optimization Phase Checklist

Optimization Phase Description

Identify Keywords

Populate Meta Tags

Apply Keywords

Build Content

Define Navigation Structure

Create Conversion Strategy

Review for poor design

Chapter 5: Submit

Submission Phase Checklist

Submission Phase Description

Submit Sites

Submit Site Maps

Submit Links

Chapter 6: Network

Networking Phase Checklist

Networking Phase Description

Create a Plan

Utilize Facebook®

Utilize LinkedIn®

Utilize Twitter®

Utilize YouTube®

Blog, Blog, Blog


Adopt Google +1®

Perform Social Bookmarking


Chapter 7: Advertise

Advertising Phase Checklist

Advertising Phase Description

Create Conversion Approach

Organic Advertising

Paid Advertising

Chapter 8: Track

Tracking Phase Checklist

Tracking Phase Description

Capture Analytics

Organic Tracking

Advertising Tracking

Chapter 9: Maintain

Maintenance Phase Checklist

Maintenance Phase Description

Refresh and Enhance Content

Maintain Internet Presence

Maintain Website Quality

Chapter 10: Conclusion